Saturday, December 28, 2013

Being an Artist Means Making Time to Create Art

Because I have heard it so many times over the last 20 years, I wanted to give a message of encouragement and a challenge to some people.

We are what we choose to become, what we decide we want and need to be. We are individuals with responsibilities and challenges and lives. People depend on us.

I offer this in the hope that it is what you need to hear, what you need to motivate you to create your art. You know who you are...

Over the years and as recently as last week, people have told me that they want to do more art, but note that they are too busy. They ask me how I 'find' the time to do my art. I tell them simply: "I make the time." So, to all who say they want to "be an artist," please stop only talking about it and DO something about it... today and every day forward.

"Art is an action word." 

That is my quote, my trademark credo and my recommendation.

  - In the late 1990's, I co-piloted a 2-person plane for 45 seconds as we flew over Mont St. Victoire in Aix-en-Provence (France). 
  - I worked 2 days with a team on a dinosaur dig in the Bad Lands of Montana. 
  - I lived in France and went to school for a year in college and have returned more than 6 times since. 
  - I have a full-time day job.
  - I can draw figures and landscapes on an Etch-A-Sketch.
  - I have a home, family, friends, and a full life.
  - And... I am a full-time, working artist with a fine arts business.

      Art is my vocation, so I do it.  I make the time...every day. To me: Art is an action word!

     Your decision is yours and yours alone to make: decide and make the time to work and become the artist you say you want to be... starting today. It takes action and commitment. It is hard work...but it is very satisfying.... 

   The decision is a very personal one and involves sacrifice. Decide if it is for you...and then don't turn back!

    Yours in Art,

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWr): New York Exhibit - January 2014

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWr)

Featured Artist


  International Contemporary Exhibition

New  Century Artists Gallery

530 West 25th Street, Suite 406,
New York, NY 10001
Tell: 212-367-7072

Curated by Basha Maryanska


Monday, October 28, 2013

Weiner-Reed is Artslant Featured Artist at FIAC Expo Paris

Check out one of my breakthrough '3D' paintings - Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWr) 
          Featured at FIAC, Paris! 

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Christina Catherine Martinez jumps a few hurdles to get into FIAC

Bureaucracy is as much a part of France’s mythic national character as wine, cheese, or chicness itself. I began my month long stay in the City of Light (a light which, I’ve noticed, emanates mainly from the Eiffel Tower, twinkling dreamily through the upper-floor windows of those who merely want to sleep at night) prepared to dismantle these clichés with encounters and anecdotes testifying to their opposite.

Unfortunately, the difficulty with which I finally breached the perimeter of the 40th edition of the FIAC art fair doesn’t seem to surprise anyone. During the afternoon press preview on Wednesday, after being herded through a maze of crowd control barriers, I ascended the steps of that remarkable Beaux-Arts paragon, the Grand Palais, and presented my credentials to the uniformed fonctionnaire at the check-in booth. "C’est une drôle carte de presse," she said, turning the card over in her hand before informing me that it is not, in fact, a real press pass.

#whattheFIAC indeed...

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James Thompson summarizes this year's nominees

As a corollary to FIAC the Prix Marcel Duchamp has had some pretty impressive winners in its time and is, as with all of these types of prizes, a great way for an artist to get some recognition, funding and actual cash. Not as old as the Swiss Art Awards, as prestigious as a Gold or Silver Lion, or as lucrative as some of the big private awards, it is still sufficient to spur on the career of any artist, not least in that it comes with a well funded exhibition at the Pompidou, and allows you to join a roll of previous winners that includes the likes of Thomas Hirschhorn and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.

This year the prize remains true to form, despite its international panel of judges, in that it historically favours Paris-based artists, with three of the four artists having their practice in the city. There has also been a tendency, perhaps in keeping somewhat with its namesake, for the prize to go to someone with a sculptural/installation-based practice, and again we see three of the four artists working in something we could call this format. Finally, remaining true to its remit, and, as hasn't always been the case, this year's is a relatively youthful selection...

...

Sylvie Bonnot; Courtesy UN-SPACED, at SLICK Paris.

Laurent Cammal; Courtesy of Galerie Binôme, Paris, at SLICK.

Humans Since 1982; Courtesy of Lebenson Gallery, Paris, at Cutlog.

Dan Miller; Courtesy Creative Growth, Oakland, at Cutlog.


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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Art is a Many Splendored Thing & So Are Dragons

Art is personal. It comes in many moods and can touch on any subject or subject matter from political realities to imaginary worlds or dreams. It can be serious, deep, light-hearted, pretty, amusing, gruesome, gritty, colorful, stark, and just about any other adjective you could think of... It can focus on anything, anyone, anytime, and be in any format, media, or style. 

The possibilities are as endless as they are exciting. No two visions are the same.  At different times throughout our creative periods, we artists embark on different projects and themes for different reasons. 

Knowing my work, can you believe I have drawn over 50 dragons? It all started back in 1992 when one nephew asked me to draw him a dragon. I told him that I had never drawn a dragon, and he said those magical words: You can do it, Aunt Elaine. And in that moment, as my heart swelled, I knew I could do it... And so I drew my first dragon that day and made a young boy very happy. His faith in me was a priceless gift I never could repay. 

Before long, I couldn't stop drawing dragons, naming them, and giving them personalities. Well, actually, they defined themselves as my sketches evolved. No one can fully control a dragon, after all!

Please meet three of my dragons from a coloring book I created called "Imagine This I - A Dragon Coloring Book" (copyright 1992; Weiner-Reed)

   And remember...inspiration is right in front of us, next to us, inside us...just waiting to be released!

               Happy creating!
                      Yours in Art,

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Register and Vote for Weiner-Reed (EWR) before Midnight on 2 Sept. and Send Her to Paris


  Please share the following post/link with friends and your groups and all vote for me and my artwork so I can win the People’s Choice Award:  a Trip to Paris with a Solo Exhibition! Please vote by 2 September 2013.

                                Elaine Weiner-Reed's entry link is:

             Thanks very much! Tell me on my Facebook page once you vote for me. I'll let you know when I get the results, probably in October.

"Sands of Time" - Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWr) (c) 2012

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Art Scams & Artists - Beware of "Bill Curry" and others like him!

Art Scams & Artists: There is no better teacher than experience in the school of life.

     This week I had a very interesting experience. I learned a lot from it and I hope that by sharing it, others can learn from it and not fall prey to Art (or other) SCAMS. As an artist, we are to some degree "public figures" and therefore apparently present ourselves as an easier potential target for scammers. People know that artists market, exhibit, and sell their work to clients and collectors who often were unknown to the artist until they contacted the artist to make a purchase. Most customers start out as "strangers," so selling to strangers is common practice in any business. 

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWr) - "Common Threads I" - Mixed Media on Paper

     Scammers believe that there is an infinite pool of trusting people out there. Fortunately for me, I am cautions, while still trying to remain optimistic or trusting.

Following is my scam-avoided story:

     Art Scammer, BILL CURRY, invested more time than most in his spam email attack by tailoring it. The only mistake I made was in not researching him FIRST before losing some time in email exchanges.

     His approach (M.O.) was rather sophisticated; he has apparently done this often (or operates in a 'pack') using different aliases. He chooses a real painting by the target artist in question, says he is from California (or elsewhere, I presume), and then as you get drawn in, he starts the purchase rush-job because of his supposed work and imminent business transfer situations. In my case, Marketing Executive 'Bill' was leaving on a last-minute business trip to France. Then (he told me) at month's end, he would be moving to South Africa for a promotion!
     Needless to say, I questioned him about France (as you know--I love France!), about where he was moving in South Africa (Africa intrigues me), and congratulated him. Fortunately, as I said, I was cautious. I had gotten a P.O. box so that Mr. Curry would not have my home address. I had worked up pricing and drafted a formal art purchase agreement, and I requested a money order for the exact painting purchase amount (including state sales tax) be included with the signed, fully-filled-in contract. I specified that I could not calculate the final/full purchase amount until I had a shipping address for him or his agent/representative. At which point Bill informed me that he would -- for expediency and because he was ready to start his conference momentarily -- have to send me a certified check from his (unnamed) bank because they would not do money orders. Then, the icing on the cake: He indicated that "to kill two birds with one stone" he would write the check for the amount I specified PLUS increase the amount to include his mystery-shipper fees (again, he was very short on details). He would be most appreciative if I could then cut a check to his shipper for the difference and meet up with him (to be determined) in order to pay him and have him inspect the painting. He even had the gall to say he was doing this because he felt HE could trust ME...!

  Fortunately, I was on the alert, and with that latest proviso of his, I immediately sent him an email saying I could only accept the specified amount according to my accountant, that I would not pay his shipper, that I did not know when/if I could meet with his shipper, and that he should send/pay his shipper separately. I again emphasized that I would accept nothing until we had settled on all those very important details. Once I had sent that email, I began researching him and quickly found the links below and many others about him and his careful scam. Better late than never!  So, needless to say: I immediately emailed him again, with the word "Cancel" in the subject line, and (as if he cares!) admonished him politely (smile).

Read and beware:

 So, artists: Let us continue to help each other and alert others to such activities. Most importantly: Let us learn from each other and arm ourselves against the crooks. My lessons learned: Be alert, beware, do my research FIRST and ask for creds and details (as I did). 

On a positive note:
    I am out nothing. I have learned valuable life lessons AND I now have a prepared buyer contract and a P.O. Box for future credible art purchases.
                     ...And should an envelope appear in that new P.O. box..., I will report it to the USPS, mark it "RETURN TO SENDER," and promptly repost it unopened.

                                                                    Have a good week!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Skip Lawrence and Henry Niese Discuss EWr's Artwork...

Henry Niese:

(EWR) is a colorist, ranging from savage to suave and delicate. Her experiments in pushing two dimensions into three, with forms projecting off the canvas in both rugged and subtle ways intrigues and fools the eye, the color sometimes belying the 3D forms, making them seem 2D, an interesting idea.” [HN - April 2013]

       In response to a specific work (Jazz Trills):
      “…your (EWR) work is not just drop-dead, in-your-face Abstract Expressionism, but there is a rich, sensitive subtlety and color to it….”

William “Skip” Lawrence:

“Making art is an exploration, of techniques, traditions, personal taste, non-sense, and determination. Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR), as student and friend, has traveled that road with hard work and smiles.  Her present work is the most expressive and personal I have seen and the finish line is still ahead. It has been my pleasure to be a part of that journey.” [WL - April 2013]

Friday, May 24, 2013

Legende Personnelle d'EWR...

 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWr)'s personal story/legend ...

A toast to Paolo Cuehlo!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Elaine Weiner-Reed and The Sketchbook Project

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) 

  The Sketchbook Project - "Raw Edges Soliloquy" (Miniatures) 

Intuition, intellectual curiosity, & imagination--with a healthy disregard for artistic convention. Taking chances, pushing boundaries, thinking, and being authentic. 

In the Artist's own words: 
   “Honoring the journey:  Art is as important to me as breathing. Like life, painting is an adventure -- exploration that comes with challenges, discovery, and wonder. Creating art is making something that does not already exist."

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Elaine Weiner-Reed Featured In New York City Art Exhibit (June 2013): Collectors and Friends Welcome!

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)

Abstract Expressionist Artist

Featured Artist 


The International Contemporary Art Show “UP-SURD” 
                                                                                     Curated by Basha Maryanska

Opening Reception: 3- 6 PM on Saturday, June 8th
Exhibition Dates: 4 to 22 June 2013

New Century Artists Gallery
530 West 25th Street, Suite 406
New York, New York  10001
(212) 367-7072

                  Please come and meet the Artist at the Opening Reception!


Contact Info:   &  "ElaineWeinerArt" or “Elaine Weiner-Reed” on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter