Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Elaine Weiner Reed (EWR) - Art: A Purposeful Journey & Being True To Your Own Voice

Art and searching for the Next Big Idea… 

Do not do it. 

Try to keep yourself from getting pulled into the trap 
of what I call 
“the next shiny thing.” 
Stay true to yourself and your vision.

     It is easy to be swayed and carried away by the latest art fads, materials, and headlines. Every art magazine contains stories of them in excruciating detail. You hear about artists who have made it rich with their art…and you devour their stories. You’re in a workshop and see someone trying something…and you find yourself mesmerized…and you just have to try it, buy the materials (i.e. a new technique, a new paper, new paints, …) etc. We are surrounded by outside temptations and what I call “the next shiny thing.”

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - "Dialogue with a Muse" (20" x 16")  

“A gift with strings attached, a double-edged sword is that whisper from the Muse. 
Once the gifts of inspiration and creativity are received, 
action is required. 
No excuses. No way out
…or the Muse dances on to the door of another.”

     Believe me, I love learning & exploration is good. Trying new things is good. But try your very best to distinguish between what is experimentation and what is really you. Try things and experiment to your heart’s content, but take care to not stray from your own unique path and vision. Stay connected to YOU. You can and should explore and question and see what art is going on outside of your own head and studio, BUT…

     Remember to stay true to yourself and your artistic vision. Following your muse and walking along your own personal Art journey is the way to be distinctive, to create something that did not previously exist. YOUR next BIG breakthrough results from all that you have done to date and all that you have thought and learned as you created your art (your way).

     Stay connected to and aware of your society and culture, but remain free of it when it comes to your vision and your own creative and expressive voice. You already are a reflection of that culture.

     Those Artists whom we admire and refer to as Masters today were following their own Muse in their own way and their own timeframe. Here are some short videos on two inspirational artists who followed their own muse:

Leonardo da Vinci

Vincent Van Gogh

     So, in today’s world of diminishing brick and mortar art galleries, in a world where there are very few Art patrons who sustain and support artists, and in a culture where we often see beginners splash paint and call it ART, take heart. Avoid the fads and frauds, and above and despite everything, BE YOURSELF. Paint what moves or intrigues you in your own style and voice and palette.

     It is only by following our own vision, muse, and path that we can distinguish ourselves and be the best Artist we can be. No one else can be me and no one else can be you. They simply do not have our history or personality or gifts or vision.

      I invite you to check out my art video "A Purposeful Journey." 
It is a slice of my art life and evolution: my journey and me being true to my own vision. 
Please share it with others and let me know how it inspires you!

In all things, I try to remain connected to me, and to learn from what I see and do. 

I internalize and contemplate…and care. 

In all things along my path, I want to do something, mean something, and make a positive difference in my world.

Let’s each be happy in our individual journey of discovery.

Create thoughtful art.

                                                      The next Renaissance is NOW.

In all things, be yourself. In that path lies distinction and achievement and Art.

Yours in Art,