Thursday, May 11, 2017

Masks & Mirrors: Beyond Reality

Masks & Mirrors: Extensions of Identity

"There are masks of survival, ceremony, joy, healing, and defense. 
In today's modern civilizations, masks continue to play an important role timeless and mysterious as always." 


Masks in Contemporary Society

      Within the last four or more years, I have realized that masks remain a vital part of modern society. In my studies, experiences, and introspection regarding human dynamics within social relationships, I concluded that masks are very much alive and well in today's world. What I realized, however, is that masks are physical (wood, metal, paper, make-up, etc.) and physiological - to include facial expressions. Our masks have infinite purposes and are also psychological and behavioral.

       Masks are one type of human defense mechanism. Whether we realize it or not, we each have personal "masks" of protection - which can range from expressions to words to attitude to behavior. When I talk about one's personal "physical" masks, they are not only about make-up, but they include our mannerisms and our "costumes." How do we act and dress for certain occasions? How do we dress for work, and how do we "arm ourselves" as we walk into an office, face confrontation, or do something new that causes a bit of fear? Consider what and how many "masks" are connected to the myriad roles we perform in life: Mother Mask, Leadership Mask, Teacher Mask, Healer Mask, etc.

 Come with me.  Explore the world of Masks in this, my new Art video... 

Note: It is under 5 minutes. I think the end will surprise you.


Painting: "Mirror's Edge
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    I hope you enjoyed this post and my video. Think about it. Like it and share it with your social circles. I am setting up workshops on personal mask-making. I hope you will let me serve as your Muse....

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   In my next post, we will explore "Mirrors" and journey Beyond the Looking Glass...and I will explain how Masks and Mirrors are vital to our very survival.

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