Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lessons from Wally

We could learn a lot from Wally

   Who is Wally?

     Wally is a dog I met on my walk one morning. On that beautiful gift-of-a-day on 19 December 2017, I was relishing the moment walking under blue skies… Ahead of me was Wally, who was taking his human for a walk. As I hustled my pace, getting ready to pass them as I tried to get into the rhythm of a fast walk before my walk was actually over, Wally’s human started talking to me. 
                                  I smiled back, but kept walking... I was on a mission.

     Wally quickened his pace. He was trying to get me to pet him…
            Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but I was focused on getting in my full walk before starting on my tasks for the day. More often than not, Maryland winters force me inside, so I was savoring the time outside. As a result, I almost missed an opportunity to receive some unconditional love - that is, until his nice human, Terry, began talking to me. She kindly, but pointedly told me how much of a pleasure it would be for Wally to meet me. At that moment, as I turned back to face the pair, Wally was stretching his leash, trying to cross over to greet me, tail wagging. How could I resist that face? He was so eager to give love and find a new friend. And I swear he was smiling.

     As I petted that wonderful dog, Terry shared a bit of Wally’s history with me. Wally was a rescue dog. I saw that he was sweet and loving and still open to relationships, despite having been abandoned twice in his young lifetime. I think we could learn a thing or two from Wally, who despite his past, and two lifetimes without a loving home, remained open and excited to be alive. How about that for a positive attitude and resiliency!
                                  Silly me… I had almost walked past a beautiful moment.

     During the holiday season that followed, that chance encounter kept reminding me to keep the faith, regardless of what challenge I might be facing. It reminded me that we should never stop hoping and trying to remain positive. Around every corner and along every sidewalk, there is another opportunity for smiles and possibilities for new friendships. And we can never have too many friends – whether gold or silver!

     So, taking a page out of Wally’s book, I plan to trot into 2018 more open to new experiences and joy in the unexpected. I hope I can be half as resilient and courageous as Wally - in my life and in my art, as well.

        Wishing you all the best in 2018 and that includes a bit of carpe diem and spontaneity, and lots of creativity, friendship, and joy!
                                                      Yours in Art,



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