Sunday, September 1, 2013

Art is a Many Splendored Thing & So Are Dragons

Art is personal. It comes in many moods and can touch on any subject or subject matter from political realities to imaginary worlds or dreams. It can be serious, deep, light-hearted, pretty, amusing, gruesome, gritty, colorful, stark, and just about any other adjective you could think of... It can focus on anything, anyone, anytime, and be in any format, media, or style. 

The possibilities are as endless as they are exciting. No two visions are the same.  At different times throughout our creative periods, we artists embark on different projects and themes for different reasons. 

Knowing my work, can you believe I have drawn over 50 dragons? It all started back in 1992 when one nephew asked me to draw him a dragon. I told him that I had never drawn a dragon, and he said those magical words: You can do it, Aunt Elaine. And in that moment, as my heart swelled, I knew I could do it... And so I drew my first dragon that day and made a young boy very happy. His faith in me was a priceless gift I never could repay. 

Before long, I couldn't stop drawing dragons, naming them, and giving them personalities. Well, actually, they defined themselves as my sketches evolved. No one can fully control a dragon, after all!

Please meet three of my dragons from a coloring book I created called "Imagine This I - A Dragon Coloring Book" (copyright 1992; Weiner-Reed)

   And remember...inspiration is right in front of us, next to us, inside us...just waiting to be released!

               Happy creating!
                      Yours in Art,