Sunday, April 24, 2016

Painting "Deep Breaths" at Elaine Weiner-Reed's 14 May Solo Exhibition "Honoring the Journey – Revealing Layers"

                                           Detail from painting entitled "Deep Breaths" 
                               (27" H x 23" W; Mixed Media, Bas-Relief. Framed, $1700)

A little bit about "Deep Breaths" and its evolution and inspiration...

     Life is often so busy and full of activities, people, chaos, and challenging work and situations, that we can forget to breathe... Or we frantically try to grab breaths on the run, on the road, and as an afterthought. 

     In this painting, I took my time, building it up layer by layer, adding cloth, plaster, paste, and paints atop each other. The layers required "breathing time," forcing me to slow down, savor life and art - and all the steps taken during this creation that spanned at least six months. As I modeled these figures, caught in their own pause (between acts, dances, meetings), my intent was to convey a sense of calm, a snapshot between life's adventures, even as I created a scene to invite you to consider and imagine possible storylines and relationships between the figures.

    "Deep breaths, blessed air... The gift of life...carrying scents of Spring and sounds of birdsong and laughter."

Exhibition News 

   Elaine Weiner-Reed's solo art exhibition "Honoring the Journey – Revealing Layers" features at least ten paintings conveying relationships rich in human emotion, wrapped in mystery, and enlivened by evocative layers of color and texture - all anchored by her characteristic mark. 

   Throwing out the rule book in her "Second-50," this Artist has found her voice and is unapologetic about it.

Opening Reception & Gallery Talk - 14 May 2016 (2-4 PM)
Exhibition Dates: 13 May to 11 June 2016
Location:  The Bernice Kish Gallery (Slayton House), Village of Wilde Lake
  10400 Cross Fox Lane
   Columbia, MD 21044
   Phone: (410) 730-3987

                                                         Yours in Art,

           Hope to see friends and patrons at the Opening Reception on 14 May 2016!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Artist's View from the Second-Fifty: Invitation to Her Maryland "Revealing Layers" Solo Exhibition and "Every-Painting-Is-A-Song" Initiative Launch - 14 May 2016 (2-4PM).

 You are invited to Elaine Weiner-Reed's Solo Exhibition:

"Honoring the Journey ... Revealing Layers"  
         Bernice Kish Gallery  - Bill White Gallery                         
                                                                       EWR at Slayton House

10400 Cross Fox Lane - Columbia, Maryland  21044   -  (410) 730-3987
Solo Exhibition   *   Gallery Talk    *   Creative Collaboration

Connect with the artist via her Website, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Come for the Art, stay for the Adventure!

Every Painting is a Song   -   EWR's Creative Collaboration Initiative

       I offer the following three original paintings as additional 'food for thought' for those of you interested in entering my Every Painting is a Song  challenge for a chance to cross-promote, collaborate, and create something beyond your normal Muse and inspiration 

      Winners will receive a limited edition print of my painting that inspired your writing (poem, story, screenplay/play), dance or video production, song or musical composition, etc. 

I am excited at the possibilities and look forward to your entries!

Painting 4

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Joined by the Heart"

Painting 5

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Spectral Lines III"

Painting 6

Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Recalibrating Destiny"

      To view my additional featured exhibition paintings, please stop in and visit the show during the Opening Reception (14 May, 2-4 PM) and/or while it is on exhibit in the Bill White Room Gallery (pre-arrange your visit with Slayton House). Show Dates: 13 May-11 June 2016.   
                               Hope to see you at the Reception!

      Note: I expect to post at least one more Every Painting is a Song  (EPIAS) Blog article plus the online entry form by mid-June so you have all you need before the end-August deadline.  
Meanwhile, I hope your creative juices are flowing.

  Please direct questions and comments to:

   For more information on the Collaboration Initiative and to see paintings 1 through 3, please read Elaine's previous three Blog articles. The link to the most recent is here

Thanks for your visit and your support! Email me anytime ( please stay in touch.

                                                                                       Yours in Art, 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Elaine Weiner-Reed's "Every-Painting-Is-A-Song" Initiative - What's in it for You: Artist Reveals Prizes, Discloses Three Paintings as Food-for-Thought, Shares Viewer Entry!

Hello from Creative License Studio & thank you for visiting.  
I appreciate your time, interest, and patronage.
Let's get right to the heart of the matter, shall we?...
               Today's post focuses on my cross-discipline Creative Collaboration.

WhatEWR's "Every Painting is a Song" Creative Collaboration Challenge 
When: Launches 14 May 2016 
Deadline:  All Competition Entries must be received before 30 August 2016

     Then what?   Please be patient.  
                      Decision notification will begin on 1 November 2016
     But ...BEFORE THEN, I will post updates and information on this blog, so please stay connected. 
    You may also email me at any time via the Every Painting is a Song" email address:

Important Note for Songwriters
     You will send me your  musical compositions via email AND/or via YouTube sharing - to me ONLY and/or small select group - not public (yet) , please!

Important Note for Everyone
     The Registration form will be available on14 May 2016 if not before...via Blog post.

Elaine Weiner-Reed  
Solo Exhibition "Honoring the Journey...Revealing Layers"
Bernice Kish Bill White Room  Gallery 
Columbia, Maryland
Three Events in One:
Solo Exhibition
Gallery Talk 
Creative Collaboration

Every Painting is a Song

Part 1 -  

   Following are the FIRST  three original abstract expressive paintings that will be in Elaine Weiner-Reed's Solo Exhibition "Revealing Layers"  and her Creative Collaboration " Every Painting is a Song " Challenge...

1. Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Ancestral Whispers III"

2. Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Curtain Call"

3. Elaine Weiner-Reed - "Static Electricity"

   Use these paintings as food for thought, Creatives!

 If inspired by one or more of these works, 
start creating and writing now and get a head start! 
You may enter more than once... 

Part 2

   Many of you have asked or been wondering "What's in it for ME?"   

         With how busy we are, we have probably all had that passing thought whether we want to or not.... It is human nature. 

         So after a lot of consideration, here is my multi-part response to "What's in it for you" if you participate in this creative collaboration/competition:


        1) Not only will all of us have fun and stretch our individual creative wings and open our minds as we virtually meet and collaborate with other creative souls, but 
        2) We will cross-promote each other's work, Websites, and Social Media sites to expand our networks and open doors to new opportunities and connections, and 
        3) YOU can win a prize!!!

 FIRST PRIZE Winners for Each Painting will  win a signed micro-batch limited edition print (on paper or canvas) of my Painting that inspired their  winning Creative Entry ! 

        How this works is: If your poems, songs, stories, screenplays, and/or musical pieces were inspired by "Ancestral Whispers III" (for instance) & you incorporated the titled into your entry, and you are selected as a Winner, your prize will be a signed limited edition print of "Ancestral Whispers III."

    Runners-Up will be published in my Blog posts & we can together brainstorm other co-publication/co-promotion opportunities. 

     I have always wondered: How would my painting "sound" to someone... 

        Now, I hope that you will tell and show me in your creative and unique way.


The sky's the limit, so let's defy boundaries and gravity together ...and soar!

Part 3 -

      Following is an example of someone's talent and how they interpreted one of my paintings from my Website. If this painting ends up being in my Solo Show "Revealing Layers," I may just have to let her enter her work... 
You decide once you read the viewer's entry (below).

Every Painting is a Song - A Sample Entry
Meet  Meredith, a poet from Los Angeles
   Meredith chose to create a poem based on my painting entitled “Doors and Secrets” that she found on my Artist website
Elaine Weiner-Reed -"Doors and Secrets"
     Meredith could barely contain her enthusiasm. She said she just could not wait another month to enter! Plus, she did not want me to cancel if no one spoke up and told me that they were really, actively interested in participating in my initiative. [She had me there! To be honest, I admit that  thought has crossed my mind, that I should cancel, that I must be crazy to do this.... I asked myself why was I doing this...and the answer is always the same:  I just know that I must do it. I had the idea for a long time. Plus, I thought "it's my idea, so why not me?" and "why not right now?" So, here I am...doing it - whether I am ready or not! So, to Meredith and to all the others: I promise that I will not cancel! But I do request that you please, please enter and do not let me down with an empty email inbox at the end of August. Okay? Enter (often) and spread the word WIDELY!] So, back to Meredith. She said "call it 'shaking out the cobwebs'..." or "practice," but she said she simply had to dig in now... Meredith told me she was inspired by my piece and wrote the following poem in one sitting. She also told me she doesn't think she is finished with this painting yet... Isn't that exciting?!  So, I am sending heartfelt thanks to Meredith and including her piece, below. I hope she enters the formal competition!

Waiting  Becomes Them
          Secrets...secrets...  Doors and Secrets,
              Secrets and Doors... 
                                          Doors to secrets and more...

                         Doors to let someone (something?) in...and doors to keep someone (something?) out... Doors and secrets, secret doors....
Family secrets. Personal secrets. Maybe not all bad... But how bad?
        Pain and pathways to memory's doors, 
                Storm-tossed shores are those memory's doors. 
     Thresholds beyond which memories lie...dormant no more. 
                Thresholds perhaps better left uncrossed?...

One door could lead to freedom,
     But a kaleidoscope of choices taunts with its promises of resolution, joy, hope, and sought-after "found memories."

     But these people somehow know that if they pick the wrong door at the wrong time in space, it could open to unspeakable things...secrets best kept behind those painted, closed doors. 

   Secrets...secrets... Doors and Secrets,
                 Secrets and Doors... 
                                          Doors to Secrets ...and secrets, more.

   Trapped ... 
          Frozen in Time...
                    Prisoners of their indecision (and to be honest, their fears).
   Tied to each other in some way...somehow. 
                 Connections in time. 
                                Secrets. Secret ties that bind.

   Players frozen on that fateful stage.
        Masks in place.  Is it a cage?

                Just waiting...
                       evermore hoping for a clue, a script change, something that will point to which door leads to freedom.  An eternity of indecision.

   Secrets...secrets... doors and secrets,
                 Secrets and doors... 
                                          Doors to secrets & secret scores...

Trapped inside (or outside?) their technicolor doors... Silent secrets bind their tongues. 
    They remain choreographed to a space
                                         in time 
                             beyond reach of the exit door, 
                                   the door to freedom, deliverance...

     And still, they wait... and wait...
                   for the scene to play out,
                          for the answer to appear,
                                for the stage crew to arrive 
                                          and begin 
                                                to disassemble the doors
                                    ...and unravel the secrets
                                    ...and remove the staircases 
                          they know are unsafe for their weight...

                   Masks in place. Frozen in time. Waiting for THE END. 
   Secrets...secrets... doors and secrets,
                Secrets and Doors... 
                                          Doors to secrets and secret floors...

                                                                                                                                - By Meredith

     I am very pleased to share this with you....I have permission to cite my viewers by their first name and publish their entry and questions and they have allowed me to share their words and ideas to serve as samples for you of WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO. 

 Where needed, I will provide amplifying information in my replies to these fellow Creatives.
         I will be sharing competition-related information in the future Blog posts leading up to the EVERY-PAINTING-IS-A-SONG Competition Launch on 14 May 2016

Oh...and one last thing...
         Part 4 -

  Several people have asked me: "What do YOU get out of this?


             I become a winner with each entry. By doing this, I am becoming part of something bigger than myself, something beyond my own borders and dimensions - a global Artistic Creative Movement and a wave that can expand without end and charge the world with its powerful, positive, creative energy. That is my dream, and that is what I want to see and be a part of! 

            With each entry, you will make ME will feel like a winner, because I will get to see my painting set to YOUR words or music -- to witness how my work has inspired or touched others....

           It is exciting to imagine my work transformed into a whole other dimension through another person's creativity, life filters, mind, and heart. That is the type of dialogue that Art can inspire and I want to be a part of that Creative Movement! 

                                                         Do you...?

                   See you next time...when I will share at least three more Paintings from my upcoming Solo Exhibition - giving you six paintings you will then have to leverage for your creative inspiration! 

                                            Email me anytime...and please stay in touch.

                                                                                       Yours in Art,