Monday, February 15, 2016

Elaine Weiner-Reed's Creative License: Necessity Truly is the Mother of Invention!

                                                "Me, Hanging by a Thread


Necessity truly is the mother of invention...

    I thought I would share a true story of an anxious and antsy artist (me), who created her way through one life trial...

              So, there I was (June 2013)--in NYC.

      I had arrived on a Friday afternoon in NYC to spend an entire week so that I could hang my work at the New Century Artists Gallery (W 25th St., Chelsea) on Monday. The plan that week was to visit other galleries and museums in advance of the Saturday Opening Reception.

      Fear and shock hit me when I learned (late Friday) that at least one of my two boxes of paintings was lost somehow in transit...  I had to wait for Monday morning to arrive so that UPS offices would be staffed before I could try and recover my artwork in time for it and me to be in the show - which was to be my first New York exhibition! 
   ...Imagine my horror at possibly failing the Curator and losing my chances of showing in New York. I was sick at heart.

      Long story short:  Many miracles happened that Monday and we retrieved the large box of artwork (missing its shipping label?!), and I was able to participate in the show as a Featured Artist--with a great space thanks to an artist buddy.  I could finally breathe again and enjoy the rest of the week, visiting marvelous art venues (MOMA!).

      But in those few harrowing days prior to the miracles happening, I just had to DO something, create keep from wallowing in depression and anxiety. 

      So, I bought some scarves from a street vendor, sewing materials and markers from a mini mart, and began creating the wall hanging pictured here. I used my summer top so it had more of me in it. 😉

     I have no idea where in the world this piece is today, but I had to honor it and that moment of challenge and triumph...and I hope it encourages me and some of you to create through our life challenges.  What we create may not be a masterpiece, but it is a creation on our personal journey to other art and (hopefully) those elusive masterpieces!

     May we all surmount our challenges whole, successfully, creatively, and with a measure of grace...or with aplomb, at the very least!

     Yours in Art,