Thursday, April 25, 2013

About the Artist...

Elaine Weiner-Reed's (EWR)  style is abstract, with a focus on shape and color relationships. Her works are expressive and often sculptural. Relying on ideas, imagination, and intuition, she continuousl pushes her mind and artistic vocabulary, never content with the status quo. Her mixed media works on canvas and paper are personal expressions of complex ideas and concepts. Some works emerge from periods of insomnia – from ideas that dance through our consciousness and ‘field of vision’ when sleep eludes and sounds and thoughts are magnified tenfold. Semiconsciousness is a world of inspiration unto itself.


Artists are talking about (EWR)’s  art

Henry Niese:

(EWR) is a colorist, ranging from savage to suave and delicate. Her experiments in pushing two dimensions into three, with forms projecting off the canvas in both rugged and subtle ways intrigues and fools the eye, the color sometimes belying the 3D forms, making them seem 2D, an interesting idea.”   [April 2013]

 - Henry Niese (published with permission)

In response to the following painting of  (EWR), Niese observed:
“…your work is not just drop-dead, in-your-face Abstract Expressionism, but there is a rich, sensitive subtlety and color to it….”

Night at the Improv
 (Mixed media on Canvas)

William “Skip” Lawrence:
“Making art is an exploration, of techniques, traditions, personal taste, non-sense, and determination. Elaine Weiner-Reed, as student and friend, has traveled that road with hard work and smiles.  Her present work is the most expressive and personal I have seen and the finish line is still ahead. It has been my pleasure to be a part of that journey.”   [April 2013]

                                                   –Skip Lawrence (published with permission)