Friday, November 12, 2021

Stories to Tell, Stories to Hear - Each As Unique As The Individual in Focus



I am pleased to present our two-person exhibition, our second collaborative exhibition in the continuing EVERY PAINTING IS A SONG | STORY initiative, wherein artwork is paired with multiple Ekphrastic events involving communities: PORTRAITS OF LIFE: Once Upon a Story


     This is an Ekphrastic exhibit where the images of Weiner-Reed and Rimpo’s visual art inspires written word, poetic, and musical interpretations of their paintings. Special events are scheduled throughout the ongoing exhibit for written word readings and musical presentations. 

April and I are storytellers, so we invite others to imagine and retell the stories told in our paintings. 

The community is invited to write and share their own interpretations to paintings on display for the duration of the exhibition. 

Stop Injustice© Elaine Weiner-Reed

I have a confession to make...

     I look forward to it, but I will also be relieved AFTER our Opening Reception tomorrow, because staging a successful large exhibition is a many-month proposition CHOC-FULL of hard and constant work, work, work. (I am exhausted and looking forward to more studio time painting and sculpting in the near future....) 

     Read my 3-part article in Tom Neel's Live An Artful Life Blog, "From Artist to Art Shows": part 1, part 2, part 3 For a peek behind the curtain for this exhibition, I created this video and included a time-lapse video (filmed by Lorraine Imwold) that actually took all day to record as we worked!

I hope you will join April and me and enjoy our artwork and creative collaborations with writers and musicians.  To learn more, scan the QR Codes or click on the links. 

Four exhibit events.  

RSVP and attend these free events at the link below.

  • Saturday, 13 November, 3-5:00 pm: Opening Art ReceptionWeiner-Reed and Rimpo will speak about their backgrounds and motivations and respond to questions. Animated gallery talks will lead guests through the exhibit, engaging with them to find out what memories or ideas Elaine and April's work evokes. 

  • Sunday, 21 November, 3-5:00 pm: Art Meets Word: An Ekphrastic Poetry event where a number of spoken word artists will share writings inspired by paintings in the exhibition.

  • Friday, 10 December, 6-8:00 pm: Art Meets Music: Music Collaboration with singer/songwriter Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon and his students who will present works from their Music Writing class inspired by works in the exhibition.

  • Friday,17 December, 6-8:00 pm: Bringing It All Together: A Closing Art Reception incorporating original music and poetry with a sampling of art-inspired poems by local writers and original music recordings by members of ROGUE COLLECTIVE. Country-blues recordings by Elaine's friend, Gerald “Jerry” R. Ingley, who in 2019 created two original songs with lyrics inspired by Elaine's and April's artwork.

A virtual gallery will be available during the exhibit.

Thank you for your continued support!

Yours in art and gratitude,