Friday, November 24, 2017

Life is a Stage...



Life truly is a stage...

       The question is: Which Act am I in and how long is the Play?


  William Shakespeare said it best: "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages...."

  My observation on the subject goes like this:

"Each person is a book or medley of memories,

and every story is as unique as the players

and scenes choreographed in time."  

                              – By Elaine Weiner-Reed

     That was the premise, the starting point, for my ongoing body of work "Masks and Mirrors" - a painting series going strong in its fourth year... no end in sight.

     I have often said that my art is my autobiography (or my new term: "artobiography"). Each painting represents at least one chapter of my life journal - a synthesis of life experiences, reflections, memories, dreams, and ideas.

    In my solo exhibition at the Holley Gallery (Annapolis, MD) in September, I staged what will be the first of many "Masks and Mirrors" exhibits. For the first time, I wrote and included narrated audio tracks to accompany the viewer on their tour of the gallery. My Gallery tour revealed the humanity and stories that inspired the works. Each painting in my online Gallery (Gallery 1) is accompanied by two audio tracks - one a universal reflection, the other a personal one. Look, listen, and reflect... To which ones do you most relate?

   The day before my Opening Reception, I was touched and humbled to receive an email from one guest, a woman who has become a friend. She could not make the opening on 24 September, so ran to see the exhibit on the 22nd. She told me she was so moved by my painting and reflections entitled "Mirror, Mirror" that she wrote a poem... She has graciously given her permission for me to share it with others (below). 

   Below, my painting and reflections...followed by Niki's beautiful poem on the subject.

"Mirror, Mirror" - Elaine Weiner-Reed

My reflections...                                    

                              Oh... Mirror, My Mirror

                               Identity. Visions of Self.

        Reflections on how we see ourselves begin 

            with our first self-glimpses in the mirror.

                           What – who? – do we see 
                               when we look in the mirror?
                                    Is that all there is 

                          or is there much more to us? 

                                                           - Elaine Weiner-Reed

Niki's poem....

(After seeing my exhibition, "Masks and Mirrors," Niki was especially moved by "Mirror, Mirror.")

                             In the Looking Glass...

Does this looking glass deceit, or does it show the truth? 
Do they see what I see? 
Am I a goddess, or a disaster... what is the perception of ME? 

Will they see the intensity and the honesty in my eyes, or will they be distracted by the chubbiness of my thighs? 

Are my lips too big, and my hair too long; or do my flaws create perfection, and they see nothing wrong? 

Do my insecurities display regrets? Or is it my stronger side that reflects? 

Years will pass, changes will come about. my image harder on the inside; softer on the out. 
Gravity is a bi--h. 

Perhaps there is a superwoman living behind the eyes in that glass;
Perhaps there is a naive little girl, broken by her past. 

My perception of this reflection changes day by day. 
They'll make of it what they will... I don't care what they see anyway.  
                                         -The End-
                                                                 - By Niki Shiflett

A heartfelt thank you to my talented friend, Niki, for her beautiful gift of herself in her poem. 

    And thank you to all who have told me they were moved or inspired by my art. Your love and support helps sustain me and likely contributes to my whispers of hope breathed into each piece.

     Please send me your thoughts on "Mirror, Mirror" or another painting in my Gallery as it relates to your life or memories. I would love to hear from you

         Note: Your work will only be published with your permission, otherwise, it is a private exchange that will be honored.

Art is the beginning of a dialogue without end!


                                                     As always,
                                        Yours in Art,

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