Sunday, November 4, 2012

Honoring the Journey

In the artist’s own words:

Art is as important to me as breathing. As with life, painting is an adventure – an exploration that comes with challenges, discovery, and wonder. Creating art (painting, sculpting) is about making something that does not already exist.  Every painting is a new beginning, a new start…like the dawn. Each painting draws on personal experiences and feelings, emerging from ideas and a love of color and form. 
It is about the internal and external, eternal and ephemeral connections that support or shape us. I find joy in the physicality of painting, and I stand, sit, stretch across, and walk on and around my works in a type of improvisational dance unique to each painting. They are a part of me. As a result, my works resonate with life, movement, and music…  
If put to music, how would my paintings sound to you?                                              

Working without a net...

   Every day and every painting is one decision followed by another decision and another....  Each painting begins with the determination to be true to my own style and vision.  It is about creating something that does not already exist.  Each work is a unique adventure, an exploration—with all the challenges and wonder that entails. Like me, my art is a work in progress. It is my passion, and my intent is to be authentic and therefore true to myself and that passion.

                                                                                   "Legende Personnelle" 
                                                                                    Mixed Media on Canvas

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