Saturday, April 25, 2015

EWR and Creative License brings "Artist Musings: Who is that Person in the Mirror?"

Detail of a painting in progress...

       "Inside the Mirror, Looking out"

Artist Musings 

   ...Looking in the mirror is an interesting activity...alternatively at times: scary, illuminating, lonely, or peaceful. Sometimes we see ourselves looking back, sometimes a younger or older version of ourselves. It could even be a stranger... 
   At times, we see a novel, a short story or poem...even an off-kilter limerick could fit the moment in time. 
   Mirrors sometimes reflect what we want to see, sometimes quite the opposite. 
        Always, though, it is only a fragmentary and flipped version of ourselves
               at a moment in time. 

   What would our image in the mirror look like if we could see a composite of what the world sees when it looks at us? 
              Therein lies the mystery. 

                      © Elaine Weiner-Reed

As I create (painting, sculpture, writing), I often lose track of the fact that everything I make is a part of me, my autobiography. All of it is and will always be/become 'pieces and parts' of the whole: from the inside, OUT. Our truest view in the mirror, if you will...

I am definitely a work in progress, an evolution of a theme, a packet of potential, a convergence of all that I think, dream, say, create, do, and refrain from doing.

So, as I keep pushing, discovering, and believing, I need to remember that I am a woman and a mother and a work in progress... I must remember that I can recreate myself and my reflection with another stroke of the brush, another splash of color, another smile, kindness or laugh. The mirror is in my own hands.

What do I and what do you want your ultimate reflection and story to convey?... Let us matter and make a difference together, shall we?

        Artfully yours,
            Elaine (

    ....stay tuned for the next glimpse in my mirror 

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  1. Great blog and I love how creative. The mirror images really got me.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop in and read my blog, and thanks for your support, April! I am glad you liked it. I have been in a very 'reflective' and introspective mood lately...influenced by life events, of course.