Sunday, April 24, 2016

Painting "Deep Breaths" at Elaine Weiner-Reed's 14 May Solo Exhibition "Honoring the Journey – Revealing Layers"

                                           Detail from painting entitled "Deep Breaths" 
                               (27" H x 23" W; Mixed Media, Bas-Relief. Framed, $1700)

A little bit about "Deep Breaths" and its evolution and inspiration...

     Life is often so busy and full of activities, people, chaos, and challenging work and situations, that we can forget to breathe... Or we frantically try to grab breaths on the run, on the road, and as an afterthought. 

     In this painting, I took my time, building it up layer by layer, adding cloth, plaster, paste, and paints atop each other. The layers required "breathing time," forcing me to slow down, savor life and art - and all the steps taken during this creation that spanned at least six months. As I modeled these figures, caught in their own pause (between acts, dances, meetings), my intent was to convey a sense of calm, a snapshot between life's adventures, even as I created a scene to invite you to consider and imagine possible storylines and relationships between the figures.

    "Deep breaths, blessed air... The gift of life...carrying scents of Spring and sounds of birdsong and laughter."

Exhibition News 

   Elaine Weiner-Reed's solo art exhibition "Honoring the Journey – Revealing Layers" features at least ten paintings conveying relationships rich in human emotion, wrapped in mystery, and enlivened by evocative layers of color and texture - all anchored by her characteristic mark. 

   Throwing out the rule book in her "Second-50," this Artist has found her voice and is unapologetic about it.

Opening Reception & Gallery Talk - 14 May 2016 (2-4 PM)
Exhibition Dates: 13 May to 11 June 2016
Location:  The Bernice Kish Gallery (Slayton House), Village of Wilde Lake
  10400 Cross Fox Lane
   Columbia, MD 21044
   Phone: (410) 730-3987

                                                         Yours in Art,

           Hope to see friends and patrons at the Opening Reception on 14 May 2016!

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