Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lessons from Wally

We could learn a lot from Wally

   Who is Wally?

     Wally is a dog I met on my walk one morning. On that beautiful gift-of-a-day on 19 December 2017, I was relishing the moment walking under blue skies… Ahead of me was Wally, who was taking his human for a walk. As I hustled my pace, getting ready to pass them as I tried to get into the rhythm of a fast walk before my walk was actually over, Wally’s human started talking to me. 
                                  I smiled back, but kept walking... I was on a mission.

     Wally quickened his pace. He was trying to get me to pet him…
            Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but I was focused on getting in my full walk before starting on my tasks for the day. More often than not, Maryland winters force me inside, so I was savoring the time outside. As a result, I almost missed an opportunity to receive some unconditional love - that is, until his nice human, Terry, began talking to me. She kindly, but pointedly told me how much of a pleasure it would be for Wally to meet me. At that moment, as I turned back to face the pair, Wally was stretching his leash, trying to cross over to greet me, tail wagging. How could I resist that face? He was so eager to give love and find a new friend. And I swear he was smiling.