Monday, October 1, 2018

Part Two: Tips & Landmines - From Artist to Art to Art Shows

From Artist to Art to Art Shows

The Journey Continues

This is Part Two of a three-part series on showing your artwork by Elaine Weiner-Reed. 

Be sure to read Part One here


Myslenice Cultural Center (Poland 2014): Elaine Weiner-Reed - Stone Sculpture "Love" and Paintings (Four, long wall; left)

ART Speaks for Itself.  Your Art Speaks for You.

We need to always keep in mind is that an art show is and should always be about the ART. First impressions are lasting impressions…, and sometimes, they are all that someone has of you and your art. What do you want them to see and know about you? Are you consistent and is your style crystalizing? or always chasing after some new technique or, as I call it ‘the next shiny thing’?

Remember: Continually work, work, and keep working – whether it is painting or another creative discipline. It is important to be consistent and deepen your skills and personal vision throughout your lifetime. Next: Be honest with yourself. This is for and about you. What other people think of your work should never be the bar against which you gauge your talent or your goals. We each have to maintain our own bar of excellence, comparing this year’s body of work with the last – armed with a discerning and critical eye to dissecting our strengths and weaknesses, pushing ourselves to do what we love to the best of our abilities.

New Century Artists Gallery - Chelsea, NYC: Elaine Weiner-Reed, Featured Artist - "Raw Notes Soliloquy" (Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013)

So - Why Do Artists Participate in Art Shows?

The reasons why artists decide to participate in or show their work in a public venue are as diverse and varied as the artists themselves... Read More. I am sharing my tips and experiences in parts so they can be considered as your time permits.

          Best wishes in your Artistic Journey - wherever it takes you!

                                   Yours in Art,
                                         Elaine Weiner-Reed

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