Saturday, January 12, 2019

Change Happens By Chance or By Choice

Life in the Real World

Artist Elaine Weiner-Reed posing in front of a distortion mirror she had created for her inventive Identity Station at her 2018 Solo Exhibit "Masks and Mirrors - Explorations of Identity"

Change is a Constant.

Big change. Small change. Major and minor adjustments to life. Change happens by chance, by choice, or by design. Whether we are the architect of the change ourselves or not, change will happen.

Sometimes I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride or in a "Fun House."  At times, I feel that I am drifting in the swells between waves... Other times, I feel like I am paddling on calm seas. Regardless, I am never complacent because change is inevitable - change which we drive or direct, and unexpected change that chauffeurs us to new places, situations, or phases of our lives. Regardless, change arrives, announced or unannounced, big or small. The important thing is to remain as resilient and positive as possible...focusing on those we love and the good facets of our life. Strapped in for the ride, we need to continue to steer what we best we can so we come out the other side in relatively good condition.

As I continue navigating my own layered world of changes, I wrote a related article for Live An Artful Life, an incredible Blog on creativity and positivity. In the article, I discuss changes happening in my life (large and small) and offer links and tips for coping with change. Check it out if you're experiencing life changes of your own. I hope my story and the links I provided can help you navigate your own worlds of change. Change is in the AIR! Life is our personal "joy ride." We have to savor every minute and every joy!

                             Keep creating and keep the faith!
                               Yours in Art,

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Photo Courtesy of (c) 2019 Ashley Love

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