Saturday, March 2, 2019

Elaine Weiner-Reed and Rogue Collective DC Collaboration: Resurrection



Celebrating Everyday Heroes

Art by Elaine Weiner-Reed

Music by Rogue Collective DC

Art Meets Music - LIVE | Storytelling in Art and Music


Structured improvisational duet by Rogue Collective DC inspired by
Elaine Weiner-Reed's sculpture "Resurrection" (pictured in video). RC
Violinists Alexa Cantalupo and Kaitlin Moreno's original music captured
the essence of the sculpture's depiction of what the artist refers to as
life's "everyday heroes" walking among us.

Elaine Weiner-Reed and Rogue Collective DC Collaboration: Resurrection

Elaine Weiner-Reed explains her sculptural homage to those she refers to as "Everyday Heroes" that walk among us: "We rise, tired, and sometimes broken, and only by sheer will, right  ourselves, even as it feels like our legs are made of stone and our  heart is broken or missing… At such times, only our spirit keeps us among the living. But we walk on. We cast shadows, leave traces… We are survivors. We are Phoenix Rising."

The genesis for this collaboration was Elaine Weiner-Reed's collaboration project called "Every Painting is a Song." Three Rogue Collective Musicians accepted Weiner-Reed's challenge, showing how "Every Artwork Is A Song." 

Elaine Weiner-Reed's "Masks and Mirrors: An Exploration of Identity" Solo Exhibition Series explores identity in all its facets, phases, trials, and tribulations. From one's first glimpse of self in the mirror to survival across time thanks to defense mechanisms with which we arm ourselves, this exhibition and series honors the journey, celebrates humanity, unravels relationships, and contemplates the Legacy of a life well-lived. Everyday heroes walk with and among us. Their lives inspire!

The solo exhibition of Elaine's work, "Masks and Mirrors - Explorations of Identity" was in the Chaney Gallery at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis, MD (May-July 2018).

   by Elaine Weiner-Reed
Phoenix Rising - Sculpture Series
Plaster, Wire, Concrete (Assemblage)
18W x 38H x 14D inches

Contact Artist and Musicians directly regarding collaboration and
exhibition or art purchase opportunities.

This Creative Collaboration Has Taken Flight!

Elaine Weiner-Reed: 

Rogue Collective:


Witness more creative art-music collaboration between Elaine Weiner-Reed and Rogue Collective, check out Elaine's YouTube Channel



Coming on 22 May 2019

Rogue Collective will collaborate with Elaine again, this time with Elaine and her fellow artist and friend, April Rimpo, at the artists' two-women exhibition:



Save The Date

 22 May 2018 - 6:00 to 8:00 PM 

You are invited to come to their show and collaboration at Slayton House (Bernice Kish Galleries), Columbia, Maryland.


Elaine Weiner-Reed - © 2018 "Skipping A Beat"
Metal Assemblage Inspired by the Music of Rogue Collective 
(This sculpture will be in the exhibit.)


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Elaine Weiner-Reed - Painting in her Artist-in-Residence Studio 310B

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts - Portrait by Ashley Love

© 2018 Elaine Weiner-Reed - All rights reserved.

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