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Elaine Weiner-Reed - Artist Biography


A Creative Life


    I invite you to watch and listen to my story at your leisure. 

 Patrons and Friends,

      I am grateful for your support of me and my Art throughout my lifetime. I hope you enjoy my story - as told by the master storytellers, Ashley Love and Bruce Nairn.

      In this video, I thank my sculpture professor Richard Blake of West Chester University, PA, who encouraged me to declare myself an Artist. I would like to also thank my current Anne Arundel Community College master artist and instructor, Wilfredo Valadares-Lara, who supports and encourages me in every Metal Art Fabrication class and helped me overcome my fear of power tools, a.k.a. the MIG Welder. 

      What helped this stubborn artist in my very early years, however, was a grade school teacher who gave me a "C" in Art because I did not "copy exactly." Thanks to that memory and moment and some intuitive voice in my head screaming to me "She is wrong!" I never gave up on Art or on myself. Since then, I heed my own Muse and only choose to COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES. 

       My Irish Grandmother and my Aunt Lena were god-sends, one telling me stories and drawing with me, and the other sitting quietly with me for hours on end, teaching me to crochet, knit, and make mosaic bowls. These brave, talented women have my undying love and gratitude. They shared time with me in an era where "kids should be seen and not heard." It turns out, they listened to me down to my very soul...and nourished the artist within.  

Artist Portrait - At Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts - Studio 310B - Photo by Ashley Love

       As an Artist, I believe we owe it to ourselves, our Art, and the world to always stay true to our own vision.

"Art is my Voice. 

Sculpture amplifies my Voice. 

A Voice in the physical world 
is much harder 
to ignore."  - EWR

   As you hear my story, please keep in mind the people in your life who have a passion like mine. I ask you to support them and encourage them in their art... Who knows... At the very least, you are exhibiting great love for someone and honoring their vocation. At best, you could be witnessing the birth and flight of the next Picasso, Da Vinci, Brancusi, or Van Gogh. 

Artist Welding, 2018 - Anne Arundel Community College - Photo by Ashley Love


    I am very honored to have had my story told by the extremely talented Ashley Love and Bruce Nairn of, Annapolis.


               Life is sweet and all too short. Savor your Journey! 

                                Yours in Art and Gratitude,

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