Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Red Chair - From Painting To Poem

Artists Inspiring Artists

©2019 Elaine Weiner-Reed - The Red Chair - 60"X x 30"H; Acrylic (Private Collection)



   If you haven't had the opportunity to work or collaborate with other artists, I highly recommend it. Whether in a workshop or group or show of visual artists, or collaborating with other creative disciplines, it is extremely rewarding.

More than that, it is unifying. Art builds bridges and encourages health and respectful dialogue. It enlightens and enriches. At the core of every flourishing culture and society, there lies art. ART at the heART of it all!

     I have always created art and written poems or stories... As I paint, the ideas flow between head and heart and hand and brush. Paint falls to canvas (and everywhere else, truth be told!) and my words flow to paper...and sometimes, eventually, to a computer file.

     My Painting "The Red Chair" is my latest in a series of paintings incorporating chairs. Alternatively, the moods of those paintings in the "waiting" series are ones of  solitude, tension, or anticipation. It is up to the viewer to create the story around the scene, the chair, the people...

The Red Chair
                      © 2019 Elaine Weiner-Reed

Life stops for no one.
As much as we would sometimes like it to stop…even
For a few seconds…
To savor a moment in time, a scene, an exchange.

Or maybe we could just slow down its passage as we cherish
Its passage, its gifts, its scents and sounds… sweet seconds with our children or
Our own youth.

Bigger than life itself, TIME looms,
            Flies, slows down, or speeds up.
So, let me take a “time out” … a moment to sit in the Red Chair and
Replay scenes of life. Moments in time.

Stop the world…
I see moments flying by me…
   I see the red chair but cannot get to it for a longed for “time out.”
My stopping of the clock.
My savoring of a memory.

This is my salute to mortality and that
All-too-short dance that is my beautiful life.
         Stop. The. World.
I want to get off…just for a few seconds. 
I promise.
   I need to sit down…now.
Just for a moment.
      In the Red Chair of possibilities. 


   Now, what happens when I ask these questions of you, my patrons and guests?

         What does my painting sound like to you?
         What memory does it evoke?
         How does it make you feel?
         What does it make you think of? 
         How would you write the scene or story?

   Enter, my 2019 summer exhibition with April M Rimpo at Slayton House's Bernice Kish Gallery entitled...

Portraits of Life - The Art of Storytelling

                                 Listen to how Patti Ross brought my painting to life in poetry!

                                           Thanks for your continued support.
                                                  Yours in art and gratitude,

© 2019 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
      All images and content remain the property of the Artist. No reproductions or prints are authorized. All rights reserved.

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